Events & Calendar

Bacchus Wood is running regular Tuesday Night A&S / Archery meetings.
Come along and enjoy yourself. Everyone is welcome !

The 'Northern Events Calendar' is available HERE or click on the calendar below.

Click here for the Northern Events Calendar


Rowany Festival

The Bacchus Wood members who attended Festival 2010 had an excellent time.

We encourage all members to attend Festival 2011 at Easter, remembering that this year Festival incorporates May Crown.

Here is an article on Rowany Festival AS-XLI (2007)
and for an article on Rowany Festival AS-XLII (2008)
both by Lord Llwyd.

Rowany Festival 2011 will be held again at the beautiful Glenworth Valley.

Bacchus Wood is hosting Jewels of Lochac (A Mid Winter Coronation) on July 2nd/3rd 2011
Further information is available HERE