Membership of the SCA

Go to for ALL Membership forms and enquiries.

The information below was correct in 2009 - it is no longer correct but it is left here as a guide to what it =used= to cost to be a memebr of the SCA.


Membership of the SCA (as in 2009 - no longer applicable - see above).

Membership in the Society for Creative Anachronism is required in order to participate in society events; a $2 event membership is available at the sign in table for those experiencing the Society for the first time.

Membership forms can be downloaded from - simply print the form, fill it out and send it in with your payment details (Credit Card) or other method of payment (Cheque or Postal Money Order).

Membership benefits:

Reduced paper work for attending SCA functions discounted entry to official events and gatherings, the right to vote in Society matters, and is mandatory to be an officer or run events.

Membership helps the SCA as it is the only source of income to pay for both the public liability insurance and the costs of running the incorporated body that regulates all the mundane matters of the Society.

Types of membership :

  • Contributing $60.00
    Membership with a donation to help with the corporate operation - includes paper Pegasus
  • Contributing Multi year
    2 year $120 - 3 year $180 - 4 year $240 - 5 year $300
  • Standard membership $25.00
    Includes E Pegasus (Electronic copy of Australian Corporate Newsletter) N.B. You must supply a valid email address.
  • Standard Multi year
    2 years, $50 - 3 years, $75 - 4 years, $100 - 5 years, $125
  • Family
    $50.00 2 adults and all children under 18 living at same address
  • Family Multi year
    2 years, $100 - 3 years, $150 - 4 years, $200 - 5 years, $250
  • Family $0.00
    2nd adult or child under 18 living at same address
  • Pegasus
    $20.00 per year of membership (of Standard or Family membership) to receive a paper copy of Pegasus